Rare Phenomenon: Giraffe With White Fur

Omo is a 15-month-old white giraffe. White giraffes do not have the characteristics of albinism, but of a genetic condition called leukemia, which is due to a lack of pigment and is detected in some white tigers.

Leukemia is a condition in which pigmentation is partially lost and the skin looks bleached.

Many are convinced that when they look at her photos, they are Photoshop, but the reality is that Omo is just a rare sight discovered by Dr. Derek Lee, the founder of the Tanzanian Wildlife Institute.

Omo is currently in Tarangiri National Park in Tanzania.

“She’s always in a group with other giraffes, they don’t seem to mind being a little bit different. It fits well in the group, “said the doctor.

Omo is discovered slightly after another giraffe with this condition has been killed by poachers in the Garisi Reserve in the east of the country of Kenia, the wildlife conservation organization said.

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