Stunning Blue Beauty – a Blossoming Field in Japan with Over 4.5 Million Flowers (Photo)

When the flowers bloom in Japan, they seem to be doing a very serious job, as do most things in this special country.

A very important part of Japanese culture are the flowers that bloom at different times of the year, from cherry trees to these amazing breathtaking blue flowers.

Endless fields, some of them natural and some owned by the state, are covered with blue flowers, and the locals as well as tourists love to walk among them at this time of year.

Don’t we want to be teleported to this amazing, spring beauty for a moment?

Take a look at the blue, floral meadows in Japan:

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【茨城 ひたち海浜公園】 ☆Hitachiseasidepark Ibaraki Japan. 去年の。

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