A Dog Stole the Owner’s Fake Teeth and Proudly Walked Around the House with Them

When psychologist Ben Campbell of Michigan bought fake teeth last week to take a few selfies and make friends laugh in isolation, he didn’t think his dog would be much funnier than him.

The improvised purchase paid off for Ben because the video he recorded of his terrier Thomas made him laugh to tears, but he also made over a million other people laugh.

After the dog was left alone in the house, it found the false teeth and took them in its mouth, probably to play with them. Ben filmed the dog, and the hilarious video soon had hundreds of thousands of views and likes on YouTube.

“I bought a fake jaw for fun during quarantine and … Thomas stole them from the table,” Ben wrote.

Although many expected the dog to chew his jaw and play with it, it had a better idea – he proudly wore the fake teeth, which was an even better scene, both for the owner and for all those who watched the video.

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